Carbon Balanced Paper


High Definition Group reduce the carbon impact of their marketing communications simply through their choice of paper and print provider.

High Definition Group is the pioneering UK beauty group encompassing a number of high profile, branded education programmes, treatments (namely High Definition Brows, formally known as HD Brows) and products distributed through the UK salon network, selected premium retailers and online partners. Formed in 2008, the company has shown consistent growth.

As a market leader, High Definition wants to set the standard not just for product quality and innovation but also for leadership on environmental responsibility. With carton board packaging a fundamental part of the whole product, as well as printed leaflets and other marketing literature, High Definition demand solutions from their supply chain to help minimise their environmental impact.

Focused on their customer’s needs and reputation, print provider The Print Academy delivers this objective. In addition to using FSC sustainably certified products, since January 2016 they now use Carbon Balanced Paper for all High Definition printing needs from carton boards for product packaging to leaflets, marketing brochures and letterheads.
It is estimated that this switch by High Definition to Carbon Balanced Paper, will annually offset 20 tonnes of carbon emissions, protecting 1,680 square metres of critically threatened land with the World Land Trust.
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership
  • Reduce the carbon impact of their packaging and printed communications
  • Communicate this achievement to customers and stakeholders
  • Specifying Carbon Balanced Paper for all printed items
  • Using the World Land Trust logo as a visual mark of responsibility
  • 20 tonnes annual carbon reduction (Est)
  • Protecting 1,680 sq.m. of high conservation land with the World Land Trust (Est)
  • Demonstration to customer and stakeholders High Definition’s Corporate Responsibility.
For further information on Carbon Balanced Print & Packaging get in touch: or call 01274 308100 & ask for Justin
CASE STUDY Carbon Balanced Paper
"As a company that uses carton packaging as part of our prestige product offering, we understand the impact the manufacturing and printing of this has on the environment. As part of our continued effort to be as carbon efficient as possible, we strive to ensure that the material we use and our manufacturing processes are as carbon neutral as possible - and working with the World Land Trust allows us to do this effectively."

Marketing Manager for High Definition, Anna Pickford


Established in 2007, The Print Academy has work hard to get a name for itself in a tough and challenging market and has quickly established a growing reputation for excellence for high quality lithographic & digital print combined with great customer service. The Print Academy works with a wide range of clients and sectors including retail, beauty, financial and general commercial print, packaging, brochures, calendars, POS and DM campaigns.

In 2013, The Print Academy became a certified Carbon Balanced Publication printer having measured the carbon emissions of their own operational impact, third party verified, and balancing these emissions through the World Land Trust.
"By using Carbon Balanced Paper it has helped deepen the relationship with our customers, by helping them measurably reduce their carbon footprint as well as giving them a great story for their CSR. It shows our customers we are not standing still but constantly looking for new ways to help them in their quest for perfection. Working hand in hand with the World Land Trust & FSC to help reduce the impact to the environment, we run as a Carbon Balanced Business, balancing our annual carbon emissions with the World Land Trust."

Justin McFarlin, Managing Director of The Print Academy

Carbon Balanced Paper is a credible solution for organisations to reduce the carbon impact of their printed communications.

Put simply, Carbon Balancing is where the average carbon impact for paper production has been balanced by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, through the preservation of high conservation forests and saving threatened habitats and their biodiversity. Sir David Attenborough is one of its Patrons.

Current carbon projects for Carbon Balanced Paper are in Vietnam. This conservation project protects an important area of the Annamite Mountains and, in addition to the carbon benefit, protects many endangered wildlife species.


When using Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a unique logo on your print run. An instant, high-visibility seal that demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon impact and enhances your brand. The logo is available for use on any printed publication. The Carbon Balanced logo enables adopters to communicate clearly to their customers and stakeholders a commitment to reducing their carbon impact and effects on climate change.


Importantly, when using Carbon Balanced
Paper, the benefits are measurable.
Organisations can receive certificates
annually confirming the carbon reduction
and the area of land protected.

Carbon Balanced Paper

Reduce the carbon emissions of your printed communications.
Preserve forests of high conservation value. Protect endangered animals and plants.