We can accept all types of files for both Mac and PC, and we always have the latest versions of software.

If raw artwork files are supplied, then please make sure the document has at least 3mm bleed on all trim edges, then perform a ‘Package’ and this will collect all the fonts & images used throughout the document.

Ideally, please supply a PDF in the PDF/X format.
This is a PDF created specifically for the printing industry.
Saved in this format 99% of artwork goes through to print with no anomalies. When creating a PDF, please ensure at least 3mm bleed has been added and the document is centered with the marks offset the same amount.
For multi-page documents please supply the job in a single page format not as spreads.
All jobs should be submitted with a set of lasers wherever possible.

• PDF   • Adobe Creative Suite   • Quark Xpress   • Microsoft Office

Fonts are the main cause of problems when ripping files. Embedding the font ensures these problems are kept to a minimum. Please check that fonts are embedded correctly when creating your PDF. Alternatively save it in the PDF/X format which automatically embeds all the fonts used.


All images should be 300dpi or above where possible.

All images should be CMYK or greyscale format, so the PDF setting should leave the colours unchanged.
Just check it is not set to convert the colours used to RGB.
Advance Requirements: Cutters/Foils etc

Cutters ,Foils and Special Finishes must be set to a Spot Colour and appropriately named so they can be easily identified. Please also set these to overprint your artwork and not knockout.
The easiest way to create your artwork is in layers (see screen shot) This way you have better control over the elements used.

Alternatively you can supply the elements as separate pages making sure you follow the basic rules above.
If you require any further information, advice or have any question please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

With a PDF/X document in single page format with at least 3mm bleed you can’t go far wrong.
If you are unsure how to create a PDF in the correct manor just contact us and we will talk you through it.
Our Pre-Press team can assist you, step by step, if you have any doubts about any of the above.